Feedback from Zac Goldsmith’s Lionel Road meeting

Zac Goldsmith hosted a meeting on Monday evening at St Anne’s Church for the residents of Kew discussing the key issues that the Kew residents have over Brentford FC’s proposed move to Lionel Road.

The meeting was initially going to be held in the hall next to the church but due to high volume of people wanting to attend the meeting and stake their views, the meeting had to be moved to the church.

Brian Burgess was leading the case for the development of Lionel Road with opposition from Richmond Councillor David Linnette, Gilles Dixon, from the Kew Society and Jon Freer, assistant of Environment at Richmond Councillor.

Brian Burgess confirmed that the application for the new stadium went to Hounslow Council and would be reviewed in December. Brian went on to state Brentford’s need for a new stadium and how it will benefit the community. He went on to state that £2m has been put aside to help fund community and school projects.

The development of housing was a key point made by Burgess which he said was needed in London, however the people opposing the move were not happy with this and let Brian Burgess know this.

The main opposition from the Kew Society was that the flats being built with the stadium would ruin the views of the skyline from Kew Gardens. Also Gilles Dixon said due to the increased residents there would be a huge demand on parking and increased traffic.

He finished his speech by saying “I’m not against development. I’m against this development. I suggest Brentford pull their application, rethink it and re-apply when they get into the Championship.”

In response Burgess said that he has sourced over 1,000 potential parking spaces from local businesses and said that as there is a change in stadium the Brentford fans will change their travel habits.

The development was handed a big boost as David Linnette, Tory Councillor confirmed that the objections to the skyline views would not hold up in a planning meeting as it did not obstruct the view from Kew Gardens.

The main objections towards the stadium was the potential traffic congestion, views being ruined by the flats, parking, and the noise coming from the stadium. However not many people were objecting to the actual stadium being built but rather the effects coming from the flats.

By Alex Callow

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