Hey Jude BIAS 3 West Ham 2

BIAS had to hang on after a strong Hammers fight back to be victorious against West Ham in the London Internet Fans Cup.

Hey Jude BIAS went three nil up in the first half through goals from Hawkes, Ben Smith and George Smith and are now unbeaten in their last 4 matches

Full backs Jake and Rhys looked strong and Jones and Matt in Central Midfield took control.

West ham came back in the second half but Hey Jude BIAS held on when Peanut used hios legs to pull off a late save

BIAS Hey Jude: Peanut3, Rhys, Jake, Stu, Nick G, Matt, Jones, Ben, J Nunn, Hawkes, Shan, Subs: George and Mike. MOM George

The Official Brentford supporter’s team are in a group of 3 teams, in the round robin stage of the competition and will be facing AFC Wimbledon later in the year.

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