BIAS announce grass roots sponsorship

BIAS are delighted to announce a sponsorship deal with Manorcroft United Junior Football Club.

BIAS will sponsor the training jackets of the Under-10s team who will be competing this season in the Surrey Youth League, Championship Division.

The BIAS Logo will feature on the back of the jackets.

Last season, at Under-9 level, the team won Division One of the Surrey Youth League, the Surrey Youth League Invitation Cup, the Kew Association Tournament and the Manorcroft United JFC Tournament. They were also the recipients of The Surrey Youth League Sportsmanship Award.

In announcing the deal, BIAS spokesman Jim Walsh said ‘This is great news for both Manorcroft United JFC and BIAS. It helps a great club, relatively local, to continue it’s support of junior football at the grass roots level. It also helps to promote BIAS – and therefore Brentford Football Club – within the Club’s catchment area and further the goodname of both for their work in the community’

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