Adding to the Buzz of Brentford Market

The BIAS ‘Out and About ‘ team will be returning to Brentford Market this Sunday, September 8th to promote Brentford FC.

Brentford Market is a vibrant hub on a Sunday Morning, a real focal point in the high street for those out for a stroll.

We intend to have packed tables, displaying information on Brentford Tickets, Junior Bees, Club membership, hospitality, mascot packages, Brentford Business Club, the BFCSST, the Boating Arch, Junior Bees and The Bees Café.

Some of the exhibition boards used at the recent public consultations will also be on display.

BIAS will also take out table top football game to add a little more fun to the day.

Our own leaflets regarding Lionel Road will also be available as will our “Wish You Were Here Post Cards” and the last few remaining Lionel Road car stickers.

On our last visit to the Brentford Market it was really positive engaging with the local community, hearing their feedback and support for the Football Club.

BIAS even gained an extra member and we could have facilitated a season ticket sale.

if you are ‘out and about’ on Sunday, please pop over to say hello.

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