Hey Jude BIAS 2 Carlisle United London Fans 2

Hey Jude BIAS FC made it 3 games unbeaten for the first time since January 2011

Laurie Hicks notched his 11th Hey Jude goal, his 8th in the last 5 outings and debut forward Shane Watson added a 2nd for the Brentford Fans team.

Despite being 0-0 at half time, there was plenty of action, mainly in front of the Carlisle keeper.

However, just like the Main Event on Saturday, the game ended in a draw.

Hey Jude BIAS are Brentfords official Supporter Football team and this friendly was played under the umbrella of the Internet Football Association.

Team (Peanut3, Supes, Graham, Nixon, Matt, Henley, Hicks, Wigley, Clark, Jones, Watson)

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