Brentford 0 Carlisle United 0

An under par Brentford team dropped two points against a Carlisle team that gained one.

The Bees were just not at the races today and totally under pereformed against a poor Carlisle side who have struggled so far this season.

It is not just penalty misses that cost teams promotion, it dropping points that should be one.

Carlisle played deep and we lacked the ideat, the pace and the tactics to unlock their defence.

The Brentford team just could not get out of second gear, failing all afternoon to get behind the Carlise defence. Our smart flowing football was repalced by long ineffective balls that the Cumbrains defence managed to cope with.

Chances in the forst half were limited to a Farid header which went over the bar and a Barron shot which forced the Carlisle Keeper to save.

The second half was not cuh brighter than the first.

A Barron error allowed the Carlisle forward with a chance to score. Craig intervention earned him the red card as he was the last man when he pulled the attacker down.

Even with a man advantage Carlisle didn’t really threathten as they continuted to defended for the point they came for.

It took a wicjked deflection to force Button into a save.

When Clayton Donaldson did score, the referee ruled the goal out for a foul.

A frustrating day which left the higher than average crowd dissapointed.

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