Successfully Bringing Brentford Fans together.

Our Regional and international branches are really bringing Bees fans together, and through car sharing they have even created an additional season ticket holder!

Car sharing is currently being offered rom East Anglia and North Surrey, drinking buddies are sought form Southampton and mini buses are being mooted from Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

A coach from Bedfordshire is being organised too

Our International branches covering are all doing well, the Netherland bees have been over twice already and the Ireland bees are planning their inaugural trip to see the Bees

If you use Facebook, why not join your Regional or International branch (we have a group for Londoners too).

Share your predictions, early memories, match analysis and discover who owns that Brentford car you see on the motorway

Here is a listing of our Regional and international Branches. Join the fun and possibly make new friends

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