International Co-ordinators are needed to bring Bees fans together

Our International branches have really started to flourish. Earlier this week we launched a group for Bees fans in the Netherlands and this has already attracted ten Dutch members. BIAS would love to expand our network and find an International Co-ordinator for the Australia, USA and Wales.

Similarly our group set up to attract Bees fans from Ireland has become really proactive, reaching out on Twitter and Facebook and with plans for an inaugural group visit being put in place.

BIAS are keen to create as many International branches as possible to bring exiles together and to unite Bees fans and to expand the reach of the Association.

Each country can have co-ordinator or co-ordinators and utilise Facebook to create a International Group page which are all open to all Brentford fans who either liver or work in the country.

You can find the link to your regional Facebook group of Bees fans or the e-mail address of yoru regional co-ordinator by visiting Regional and International branches page.

If you leave away, please get involved and don’t be shy. Our Facebook pages are for all Bees fans and we would love you to share your opinions on matches, players, signings etc.

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