Have you backed the Planning Application?

BIAS is urging all Bees fans who have not yet done so to support Brentford Football Club’s planning application for the Lionel Road Community Stadium.

The issue of a new stadium, and this planning application is without doubt the most significant issue to have faced Brentford Football Club in almost 50 years.

Now is the time for Brentford supporters – wherever you live to stand tall and support the Club on this issue. Please do not forget to urge friends, relatives, work colleagues – and anyone else concerned over the viability of Brentford Football Club to do the same.

There is still time to register your support and your views will count irrespective of whether you are a resident of Hounslow Borough or not. Visitors to the new stadium will likely make a significant contribution to the local community and it is only fitting that your view should be heard wherever you live.

Whilst you are online please send a quick e-mail to planning@hounslow.gov.uk . Be sure to include the reference 00703/A/P11 in the title of your e-mail and mark it for the attention of Shane Baker.

Please also include your name and address and CC the Clubs local MP: mary.macleod.mp@parliament.uk

Hounslow residents can click here to launch the email with these fields auto-filled to help take the hassle all you need to do is say where you stand on this key issue.

It is more than likely, given the nature and the scale of the development that Hounslow Council will seek the views of neighbouring councils particularly Ealing and Richmond – so if you can please notify your local councillor, in whatever borough you live, of your support for the proposal.

You don’t have to write War and Peace but if you do you wish to go into detail you will find lots of information here: here .

Simple emails are just as valid and help the totals of those for to add up. You can add your weight to the campaign by simply writing a couple of lines stating why you support the planning application.

If you prefer to just add your name in support rather than write, there are some postcards produced by BIAS which make that simple.

Volunteers will be distributing these at both the Dagenham & Redbridge and Sheffield United games.

If you have yet to add your support for this project, upon which the future of Brentford FC depends, fill in a card. Take cards for friends, as well. Take one minute to do something valuable to the club.

Finally, if you would like to volunteer to distribute the postcards, please get in touch.

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