Fans Forum Feedback – Part 2

More notes from our Fans Forum that took place last night. Read on to discover more:

Q: How much do we know about Port Vale

A: UR – Alan Kernagan watched on them on Tuesday and the chief scout has watched them twice and will watch them again on Saturday, so we will have seen them four times.

Q: Update on the injury situation

A: Uwe– Last season we had the 2nd fittest team in the league, Swindon were slightly better than us.

We increased the volume of training, went to Germany and worked hard so there is the risk of losing one or two players.

Harlee Dean had a dead leg and will play on Tuesday. Simon Moore twisted ankle, already back in training and had the day off on the beach.

Clayton Donalddon and Will Grigg had small muscle issues, they will be back on Tuesday again.

Farid twisted his ankle in a training session and got a sprain, he didn’t feel confident playing against Boreham Wood but will be available on Tuesday.

Jonathan Douglas won’t be available until October, he was not capable of training towards the end of last season just did bike training, sees no reason why he won’t be back in October or maybe before.

Q: Will McCormack take Douglas’ place?

A: Uwe – ask Dougie that question and he will say no, McCormack likes to communicate on the pitch, we have a player on the field who can give information and help the young players.

He will be a very good player, he can play with or instead of Dougie. Or Dougie could play instead of him.

Q: Terraces or all-seater at LR?

A: Brian Burgess – is going over to Borussia Dortmund to stand on a terrace. Went there before and there 24,000 were behind the goal all drinking beer.

You can stand safely, regulations would need to be changed. Opinion is beginning to turn, but after three seasons in the championship we would have to seat the stadium.

The stadium is designed to be all seater, but the lower tier could be used for rail seats.

In Germany they stand at league games and sit at Champions League.

It becomes difficult if you need to increase the capacity, which we can’t do at Lionel Road, this a discussion with the licencing authorities.

BIAS would like to thank our Stadium Action Group Secretary – Adam Hobbs for these minutes