Lionel Road – All Views Count!

BIAS would like to thank all who have supported Brentford Football Club’s planning application for the Lionel Road Community Stadium. There is still time to register your support and please do not forget to urge friends, relatives, work colleagues – and anyone else – concerned over the viability of Brentford Football Club to do the same.

One issue that has been raised by a few supporters is whether you should make the effort if you are not a resident of Hounslow Borough Council. The advice we have received is an emphatic YES all views will count irrespective of whether you are a resident of Hounslow Borough or not.

Visitors to the new stadium are likely to make a significant contribution to the local community and it is only fitting that your view should be heard wherever you live.

We have sought clarification on this issue from the Lionel Road Stadium directors and their response has been equally emphatic. They say:

“Each and every organisation, business and individual is entitled to write in and support the proposal for the Brentford Community Stadium and regardless of where you work, live or play, your view is valid and will be properly and fully taken into account by the Council when making the decision.’
There is the separate issue of political pressure and there can be little doubt that Hounslow residents will have a significant role to play here. The ultimate decision on the stadium will be taken by locally elected councillors and it is one of the touchstones of the local democratic process for residents to inform their elected representatives where they stand on key issues that affect the local community. Therefore, feel free to copy your letter to your local ward councillors (there are three of them). It would be even better if you could find out their surgery times and places and personally drop in and deliver your letter and let them know what you think. If you aren’t sure, you can find out who your councillors are and where they have surgeries at this link

The issue of a new stadium, and this planning application, is – without the slightest doubt – the most significant issue to have faced Brentford Football Club in almost 50 years. Once again it is a time for Brentford supporters – wherever you are resident – to stand tall and support the Club on this issue.

As a reminder to the key points:

• the application is likely to be considered by the Planning Committee of Hounslow Council in September or early October. Your submissions, by letter or email, can be made up until that point but we would urge everyone to get their submissions made at the earliest opportunity.

• You must include your name and full postal address. If you do not include this information then your submission will not be considered.

• It is more than likely, given the nature and the scale of the development, that Hounslow Council will seek the views of neighbouring councils – particularly Ealing and Richmond – so please notify your local councillor, in whatever borough you are a resident, of your support for the proposal.

• You can write as much or as little as you want. The key thing is to let the Council know you are supporting the Club in this proposal.

• If you would like more information there are some briefing documents that can be downloaded from the BIAS web site. Links to relevant documents are at the bottom of this article.

You can show your support in the following ways:

• Post: Development Management, London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN

• Email Hounslow Planning Dept – (put the ref no. 00703/A/P11 in the title, mark the email for the attention of Shane Baker and include your name and postal address). Please copy this to your local councillor and MP Email Mary Macleod MP

• Online: (via the online planning application search portal)

• Remember to quote the Application Reference Number 00703/A/P1

• and – once again – do not forget to include your Name and Full Postal Address.

Documents to download:





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