Sing Loud, Sing Proud and Make It happen

Let’s us all make Griffin Park a sea of Red and White and a Cauldron of noise on Saturday as our player’s battle for promotion.

When the Bees play Doncaster on Saturday it will not just the biggest game of this season, it will be the biggest game for over a decade

Together we can make a difference, we must be the 12th man. We must give those playing on our behalf our total support. We must let our players hear our voices, hear our passion and all times feel our support and belief.

We must realise that we might not have everything our own way, and in the same way that we would mask our disappointment from our own child, should things not be going as we would like, we must offer even more encouragement, use our memories of MK Dons, Portsmouth and Sheffield United to find a hidden strength and to convey that belief, that knowledge, that we can do it to our own players.

This is a new Brentford, a Brentford that wants to go up, a Brentford team that is young and committed to the club, a Brentford team that can do a Reading , a Hull, a Swansea, a Wigan and we will get there.

Let there be tears on Saturday, let they be tears of pride, relief and of joy.

Let’s take our nervous energy and convert it into positive energy.

Let us all loose our inhibitions, let us all encourage not only our team to perform but those around us to play their part, to sing out their hearts out for our lads.

No one can guarantee the result – we can all make a personal guarantee that that we will play our part.

When you hear those words ‘Right Here, Right Now’ remember your duty, remember your role

Sing Loud, Sing Proud and Make It happen


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