Out and About with the Bees’

BIAS are pleased to announce that Donna Aldred will be taking the lead role with this Summers ‘Out and About activities’.

Donna has lead the Out and About team before and will bring experience, a can do attitude and lots of positive energy to the role as we go about promoting Brentford FC and the Community Trust at Fetes, Fairs and Carnivals.

The BIAS Out and About team was launched on 2009 after BIAS attended local fares and carnivals in the surrounding towns and a small but dedicated group Operating under the name Out and About with the Bees, approached the football club to do something similar.

It is anticipated that the initial activities will include a stall at the Brentford Fun Day and other local fetes, carnivals and open days – and a few Social evenings for Brentford fans and their friends. The plan is that all activities and participation should be fun!

BIAS would like as many members and Brentford fans as possible to support the initiative and to become involved with BIAS Out and About with the Bees so that it will be a great success.

The focus of the Out And About teams activities this year is expected to be around Brentford and Chiswick.

BIAS will need people to come forward who can assist at Fundays, Fetes, Carnivals and open days within the Brentford and Chiswick areas.

If you know of any events we could attend it please let us know by e-mailing contacting us or Donna as your help will be appreciated.

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