Help needed for Media Monitoring

BIAS would like to monitor news and views on Lionel Road that make it in the media.

We particularly need people in different surrounding areas to Brentford to monitor the local press, so please let us know which local papers you have access to.

We can then produce regular updates. For example, over the last week we have had:

20 March 2013 – Evening Standard London’s moving story is to see plenty more chapters written

22 March 2013 – The Telegraph Wasps on the verge of takeover by Derek Richardson-led consortium with groundshare with Brentford on the cards

23 March 2013 – ChiswickW4 .com Stadium Development to Transform Chiswick Skyline

26 March 2013 – BrentfordTW8 .com Skyline Pictures of Lionel Road Development

Please can you send online links or screen grabs / scans of paper articles to

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