Survey Analysis Feedback – 4

When asked “What else would you like as part of the new stadium?” , Bees fans had plenty to say.

In this article we have excluded anything that was mentioned in answering the question, “What are the positive aspects of Griffin Park and the Matchday experience that you would like to see retained at the new ground?” (see Survey Analysis Feedback – 3)

The ground should link in well with the local community. Facilities that schools can use to visit and the ability to tie and or represent different Faiths is equally important.

Maybe a gym or health club would be good as well. We don’t have too many in the area and it would be a nice link to a sports club.

The ground should have a good Atmosphere that is intimidating, a singing section(s) was mentioned to help achieve this; it should be unique and have character not bland concrete/breeze block identikit stadium. Local artists could be used to paint or decorate the grey concrete into something more entertaining and also show a good community spirit. Alternatively large images of former and current heroes like at the Emirates could be used.

Links to Brentford’s past should be incorporated, perhaps a Statue outside the ground of a Bees legend, (Harry Curtis, Patsy Hendren, Ken Coote all mentioned).

A Bees Museum with memorabilia and a visual representation of Brentford throughout the years should be considered.

A place for a plaque/memorial to those that gave their lives in the World Wars. With great Thanks to Thorne in the side fanzine we understand that this is now being commissioned.

The ground should be visual from the M4 and Heathrow via roof advertising and signage, perhaps having the club name in lights so that it can be seen. Or a huge mast with a vast Brentford flag swaying in the wind.

A good name for the ground and not selling out to sponsorship, if naming rights are to be used it should be well thought out and not sell out cheaply. (AMEX/Emirates/Ethiad not Matchroom, Weston Homes). A Fullers link up (London Pride), was mentioned a couple of times.

Brighton’s Amex stadium is a good example of how to get a new stadium right and the club should take note of what was done there. Also a comment was received about activities outside the Ethiad Stadium which is known as City Square. This consists of an outdoor area that has 3-4 food outlets and a couple of bars that are undercover along with a small stage and TV screens. Before the game, interviews with the fans take place and on the stage they invite local bands to play.

Other suggestions for outside the ground activity are a marquee bar, a market, a cake stand, Pie, Mash and Liquor, more retail and food outlets including popular chains such as Nandos, Wagamammas, Pizza Express etc..

An Ice Rink was also suggested as an additional facility.

The club should look at sustainable energy in the form of Solar panels and a Wind turbine, similar to what Sky TV has done on their building.

Inside the ground preferences were stated for Unreserved seating, heated areas, a dedicated mascots room and wider tunnel areas. Desso GrassMaster (Hybrid synthetic/grass pitch) or 3G pitch was suggested to give the ground the best pitch in London, also will help with attract a Rugby Union partner. (London Irish and a club from LBRUT was mentioned).

Wireless transmission of Bees Player commentary during the match, subscribers can use their phones to access. Away fans/non-subscribers could buy a one off pass.

The other suggestions are for the floodlights to be of a suitable brightness for 3D and HDTV games. The tunnel to be located on the half way line and the use of cheerleaders.

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