Survey Analysis Feedback – 3

Bees fans were asked “What are the positive aspects of Griffin Park and the Matchday experience that you would like to see retained at the new ground?” and a summary of their replies is given below.

Food & Drink Of the 728 responses to this question 62% mentioned catering facilities (food/drink etc)

Of these 30% felt there was a need for improved bar and drinking facilities inside the ground and 40% felt that the catering needed to be improved.
85 people responded stating they felt that the drinking areas should be proper pubs and serving hatches on the concourse, of these 27 people wanted Real Ale to be served and 8 suggested the facility be open to the public to generate extra revenue.

The quantity of outlets was important to 71 people with the main aim to reduce queuing times, particularly at half time.

27 people responded stating they would like members only or Season Ticket holders only bar area.

14 People wanted seating areas for food and drink and 36 respondents asked for a full sit down restaurant/café

29 people wanted the “four pubs on each corner” to be re-created within the new ground.


29% of respondents commented on the toilets facilities within the new ground. 79% wanted better quality toilets compared to those at Griffin Park.

36 respondents wanted a larger quanity of toilets to reduce queuing times particularly at halt-time

18 respondents wanted more facilities that are suitable for females, young children or disabled supporters.

12 people commented that they would like the toilets to be more hygienic and 6 people asked for hot water, hand driers or mirrors.
Seating/pitch side

17% of respondents commented on the seating, nearly 50% of responses requested more leg room or space within the seating areas. 39% wanted an unobstructed and/or good view of the pitch.

19% requested more comfortable or padded seats, other answers included being close to the pitch, a good atmosphere/acoustics, fully covered stands, away fans in the corner and home fans not having the sun in their eyes.

Information screens

13% of respondents requested information screens within both the concourse areas and pitchside.

53% of people wanted TV screens in the concourse areas with highlights, half-time scores

35% wanted a large screen in the ground with replays. Several people suggested that other live football matches are shown, particularly in pub areas

15% of people wanted a working scoreboard.

Corporate Hospitality 13% of respondents commented on corporate hospitality. The vast majority felt we should have adequate corporate facilities with private boxes, but also hospitality suites and conference facilities that can be used outside of match days. Several respondents requested for the facilities to be available for special occasions, eg birthdays and not to be sold out for the whole season.


11% of respondents commented on transport issues.

54 people stated that parking facilities should be available at the ground.

7 people suggested either off-site or a park & ride scheme,

9 people wanted secure cycle parking and 12 people suggested improvements to existing transport links.

Access and Accessibility

10% of respondents commented on access and accessibility issues, these easy access in and out of the ground both before and after the match, particularly with large attendances (>10,000).

Better lighting, signage have been suggested and also wider turnstiles incorporating electronic /barcoded tickets to allow quick access into the ground.

Easy access for disabled fans, including the ability to watch the game from higher up and not pitch level (Eg via a lift or ramp).

Disabled car parking spaces should be provided as well.

Club Shop and Ticket Office

9% of respondents wanted a larger better club shop or a better ticket office facilities. Several people wanted access to these on all sides of the ground.

Terracing/Safe Standing

51 respondents requested either terracing areas or safe standing

Public Address System

29 people requested a better PA system

Creche/Family areas

22 respondents stressed the need for a crèche area for very young children and also play areas to keep young children entertained before/after the match.

Several people asked for the Family ticket scheme to remain in place. Youth and Education Facilities expanding on those currently within the Learning Zone was also mentioned.

Betting 22 people requested betting facilities inside the stadium.

Other 15 people asked for a Hotel to be included. 18 people requested Gym and/or fitness facilities. Other suggestions included a multiplex cinema, a Bees Museum and Trophy Cabinet, Free wi-fi, Bricks with names on, NHS Walk-in centre (like Preston), smoking areas and a casino.

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