Coach problems

BIAS would like to thank all of those who travelled on the Feltham/Hillingdon coaches to Sheffield United for thier patience and understanding with the coach problems.

We were informed late on Friday that the 72 seater coach we had originally booked from Feltham which had an additional pick up at Hillingdon where we were already running a full coach, had electrical problems and would be replaced by two additional vehicles and 53 seater and a 16 seater.

On arrival at Feltham on Saturday Morning the coach driver of the 53 seater advised that he was going to have to swap his vehicle and that as were full and that the replacement vehicle only had 49 seats that the 16 seater woulod also have to be swapped out.

It was therefore agreed that all three coaches Feltham/ Hillingdon coaches would go to Beconsfield services were the vehilcle changes could be made.

We did not have to wait long for the replacement vehilcles , in fact they had both arrived just as news of the postponement had filtered through.

The running of coaches away from Griffin Park was obviuosly a a very successful exercise. Allof the vehiucles were full including the coach from Basingstoke, Woking and Northampton with people being turned away as we could take no more.

BIAS will certainly consider either running or stewarding more coaches but to do so we will need to increase the numbers of those who connect with our Regional branches.

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