Survey Analysis Feedback – 2

When asked “What are the positive aspects of Griffin Park and the Matchday experience that you would like to see retained at the new ground?” 737 shared their views

Percentages have been rounded up or down to the nearest 0.25%

The whole match day experience: 50% (368 replies)

Respondents referred to the “bricks and mortar” of Griffin Park: the fact that supporters are so close to the playing area; the quirkiness of the stands and the stadium as a whole

Designated Standing or Terrace area: 15.5% (114 replies)

The Community Spirit of being at Griffin Park: 15% (110 replies)? Retaining the feeling of community with other supporters; the friendly atmosphere of Griffin Park with its ‘laid back’, friendly staff and unobtrusive stewarding:
A pub on each corner: 6.25% (46)
Would like their own bar areas, such as the Hive or other Social Club: 2.25% (17 replies)

Peter Gilham / Matchday mascots: 2% (15 replies)

Street Parking: 1.5% (10 replies)

Given the general nature of this question, some replies gave multiple factors that they would like to see replicated – for instance a number of supporters wanted to see the Griffin Park ‘match day experience’ at to Lionel Road, but many also replied that they wanted pubs on the corners, and terracing.

The figures above represent the primary answers; for secondary answers see below:
SAFE STANDING / TERRACING: A total of 184 supporters (25%) included Safe Standing or Terracing in their replies.

114 gave it is their sole answer while a further 71 included it in part with other aspects – such as the overall match day experience, which included a stadium with terracing; or the fact that the stadium has terracing plus pubs on each corner.
PUBS ON EACH CORNER: A total of 89 supporters (12%) included the pubs as something they would like to see at the new stadium.

46 replies as a sole answer, with a further 43 replies with the pub packaged with other factors – such as terracing or the whole match day experience
PETER GILHAM: A total of 22 supporters referred to Peter Gilham (or the ‘announcer’) as being something, or someone, they want to see at a new stadium. 15 replies as a sole answer, with a further 7 replies when combined with other factors.

Below are the top five answers which had multiple answers; a number of other combination appeared but many only appeared once or twice

• Griffin Park “matchday atmosphere” + Safe Standing TOTAL 43

• Griffin Park “matchday atmosphere” + Community spirit: TOTAL 18

• Griffin Park “matchday atmosphere” + Pubs on each corner: TOTAL 16

• Terracing + Pubs on each corner: TOTAL 10

• Griffin Park “matchday atmosphere” + Safe Standing + Pubs on each corner TOTAL 8

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