Survey Analysis Feedback -1

Brentford fans were asked “If you have been to any stadiums recently which ones did you particularly dislike?” and here is a summary of the replies received.

Brentford fans were asked “If you have been to any stadiums recently which ones did you particularly dislike?” and here is a summary of the replies received.
The most disliked stadiums were 1. Colchester United with 132 nominations 2. Shrewsbury 47 3. Wembley 26 4. Chelsea 25 5. MK Dons 23 6. Scunthorpe 22 When considering these results we must add some balance as to how many Bees fans have actually been to each the ground.

For example, Brentford took 6000 fans to Chelsea and the ground has received 25 dislikes whereas over the number of Bees fans who would have been to either Shrewsbury or Scunthorpe would have been a lot less and therefore the proportion of fans disliking the ground will be higher.

The dislike stadiums could be grouped into categories and some fans even used these generic terms rather name and an individual stadium.

MK Dons was a ‘marmite’ stadium for many, being praised for its comfy seats but criticized for its lake of atmosphere and being incomplete, soulless and barren.

Box Stadiums Stadiums with four separate stands with open corners such as Colchester United, Shrewsbury Town were dislike most, mainly through lack of atmosphere and appealing disjointed.

Stadiums Bowls Stadiums that are continuous bowls such as Southampton, Doncaster Rovers , Reading and Swansea, were disliked for all being the same, run of the mill and for being indistinguishable apart from the colour of the seats.

Identikit Stadiums Small stadiums and stadiums with similar stands such as Chester City, Northampton Town, Scunthorpe United, Walsall and Wycombe Wanderers were all disliked for being ‘B&Q’, ‘DIY’ and ‘Lego’ stadiums.

Old Stadiums Southend and Portsmouth were two examples often quoted, mainly for the shallowness of the converted terracing into seats and the cramped conditions that supporter had to endure.

Out Of Town Industrial sites Stadiums built out of town and on industrial sites such Doncaster Rovers, Colchester United, Reading and Darlington were disliked for being remote, difficult to get to and for being detached from their local communities (pubs, and shops)

Wembley Was described as very draughty, claustrophobic, impersonal, a place were you feel like a customer and not fan, seats to far from the pitch.

It was also stated that Wembely stadium had little atmosphere outside, did not feel part of the community and that it left a bad taste in your mouth like you had been ripped off and served rubbish.

Stamford Bridge The steepness of the stands, the small walkways and entrances to the blocks and the bottle necks in the concourse were all given as reasons as to why this stadium was disliked.

Three sided stadiums Grounds such as Bournemouth and Oxford which have been built with only three sides are disliked for being incomplete.

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