WE need to do the double

Our team have suffered back to back defeats for the first time this season and will need our total support.

When we won at the County Ground earlier this season the home fans were in fine voice but the travelling Bees created enough noise to ensure that they were not unsung.

Swindon fans are coming to GP in numbers and although they have the roof of the Wendy House to enhance their efforts we have three sides who can ensure that we are not out sung.

This is a game were we will need to be the 12th man, were we will need to encourage and support our team from the off.

Some of us may be nervous, some of us may be apprehensive, worried even that our season could fall apart or like Bournemouth we could go on a losing run and full out of the top six. If we have these fears, what is important is that we do not transfer these fears to the pitch.

When we played Chelsea we created a wall of noise, even when we were losing, because we were there and this is what we need to do tonight. Even if Swindon take the lead we must not let our heads drop, we must regroup, channel our anger if it exists and lead the fight back like individual captains.

We would all be disappointed if our players did not give their all and should all remember that we are part of the same team.

We are still sixth, we can still win this league, if a win tonight is worth six points and draw must be worth two. We therefore have everything to sing for.


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