Stevenage 1 Brentford 0

Brentford wasted their game in hand with this dismal defeat to a Stevenage side that had lost their last six.

The team selection baffled most and the performance disappointed yet another impressive traveling support.

The Brentford team looked seriously out of shape and Stevenage who presumable stuck to their usual game plan were rampant, hitting the bees wood work three times in the first half whilst dominating the play.

The support from the Brentford faithfull was great, The Bees fans were constantly encouraging the Bees to perform better rather than responding to a performance.

Up front our strikers were given very little as the bees failed to create and carve out chances.

The arrival of Forrester and Logan improved matters in the second half but Donaldson and BWP both failed to convert the self-made chances that they had created.

Stevenage won with a poor goal to concede after our defence gifted Habar a chance.

The introduction of Dallas saw a further improvement on the pitch but not in the Bees fortunes.

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