Hey Jude BIAS vs AFC Wimbeledon

This Saturday, Hey Jude BIAS, the Brentford fans supporters team head into the weekend, with a game scheduled against AFC Wimbledon.

If the weather holds, the game will take place the day before Brentford travel to Chelsea for their FA Cup 4th Round replay.

Hey Jude have a patchy record against the Dons fans teams

The reds won their last encounter 4-0 in October 2011, but lost the previous two 1-4 and 2-5 in March and July 2011.

Overall we have played the Wimbledon followers 9 times since 2006

Winning twice, drawing twice and losing 5 times.

For a variety of reasons, The BIAS sponsored Hey Jude team have not played since a dismal 6-2 defeat at the hands of Hampton in September. Hey Jude took the field with 9 men that day, and top scorer Jon “wibs” Morris notched his 14th Hey Jude goal.

Future games are in the pipeline, contact the Hey Jude BIAS team on Facebook, or via @Wilfred_Diego on Twitter for more information.

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