Brentford 2 Bury 2

Brentford suffered another set back in their push for promotion as they lost the lead twice against a Bury side that is plighted by relegation fears and the odd nutter in the terraces.

The Bees started the game well, as they tend to do, with Tom Adeyemi bulldozing his way through the Bury defence to only fire his shot off against Trevor Carson’s legs in the opposition’s goal.

Marcello Trotta was once again showing his extra class as he connected with Jake Bidwell’s cross but unfortunately stung the Bury defenders while his best chance was volleyed high over the bar some time later.

You may be struggling to remember most of this stuff happening in this game. It has to be said, I’m finding myself raking my memory to write this report.

The vast majority of the game was dull and the Bury side seemed to only want to contain Brentford rather than try and play them at football.

The second half showed some improvement, however, as Shaleum Logan found his cross being connected by Harry Forrester’s head, which then connected with the back of the net.

Although Harry got his tenth goal of the season, he didn’t seem like the Harry we’ve seen a lot of this season. He looked very tired and I just hope that he hasn’t exhausted himself already.

But Bury equalised soon later when the impressive looking Soares took on Logan in a remake of the London Olympics 100m final and won. His prize was a top class goal as he smashed the ball into the top of the net.

Minutes later Brentford were back in front, however, as Trotta finally finished the scrap on the goal line that was started by Adeyemi, and at that point it looked like they had done the job the hard way.

However, Soares had other ideas. In a remake of the 200m final at the Olympics, Soares again raced past Logan and put in a cross that was met by Nicky Ajose and sent into the back of the net.

The final whistle saw boos ring out around Griffin Park, which is completely unjust. Yes, we haven’t been playing well of late, but if you had said to me at the start of the season that we’d be five points off top in February I would have been ecstatic.

Please get behind the team on Tuesday against Stevenage, they need encourage at this time of the season, not their own fans getting on their backs.

Ryan O’Donovan

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