Yeovil Town 3 Brentford 0

Brentford’s bogie team achieved the double but it if the Bees took their early chances it could and would have been so different.

Sometimes in football, the result does not always tell the whole story.

The soft Yeovil pitch, cut up so badly it looked like a Grand National field had galloped down the middle it. Of course it was the same for both sides and is only being commented upon as it was so bad.

For the first twenty five minutes the Bees were on top, creating and wasting neumerous chances whilst at the same time being denied by Marek Stech who was in inspired form in the Yeovil goal.

First Stetch got hand to a Donalson strike to tip over for a Brentford Corner, before getting the better of Clayton with a 1:1. If only Clayton never had time to think and had relied on instincts he just might put the Bees one up.

Adeyemi cut did all the hard work cutting through the Yeovil defence but his weakfish shot was saved.

Yeovil broke and took the lead with a streamer to take the lead against the run of play.

Forshaw had a great opportunity to equalise form inside the six yard box, but the Yeovil keeper who was playing like Paul Smith, the Southend keeper who stopped a rout, in disguise somnehow managed to once again deny the Bees.

Yeovil scored a second on the break with a long range effort. The Bees were two nil down and there was a sense that this was not going to be our day.

The second half was none eventful. The early spark that should have seen us two or three nil head was not there and it was hard to see how the Bees could get back into the game.

Five minutes from time and a late Brentford comeback was ruled out as Yeovil took a three nil lead.

Time to leave, the Yeovil car park is slow to clear . The missed five minutes saving a half an hour wait in the car.

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