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Brentford Women 2016/17 – New Season, New Start, New Team!

BWFC Selfie

Brentford have had a brilliant preseason. With two teams to work with the Brentford Women squad grew and grew over the summer. We played friendlies against; Wargrave, Denham, QPR and Old Kingsontian. We won all four games with the biggest final score of Brentford 6, Kingstonian 0.   Brentford Women are entering the Greater London Womens League  1st division and Brentford Women Development are entering the Greater London Womens League 3rd division South. With a big squad and two teams

Coping with the close season, how I Became a Bees fan, and other stuff.

After a long arduous eventful season I’m sure our players all earned their close season break, spending valuable time with their families, and like the rest of us reflecting on what had passed, and hopes and aspirations for the forthcoming season. Thats all fine and dandy, but what about us mere mortal Brentford obsessives; how did we get through the lull in proceedings. Well of course there was the Euros and Brexit . The former worried me little as having

A thank you to Lee Carsley and Paul Williams

The Bees Blog

As Brentford fans we should be used to a little turmoil. As a club we have gone through just about every battle it is possible to fight. From near extinction to key assets sold of at key times. Blimey, we’ve even had players pimping out their wives! We have literally seen it all, so when the announcement came last year that one of our most successful managers in our history and quite possibly the most well loved was leaving, it

A Vital Three Points

The Bees Blog

So there’s absolutely no doubt that the three points gained today are vital ones. Even at this early stage of the season, a defeat to a team who in all likeliness will be in amongst the relegation shakeup at the end of the season, would have been unthinkable and in a roundabout kind of way, we avoided that morale crushing defeat and turned it into a confidence boosting victory. It will not be lost on any of us though that

Blog Spot: The latest gossip from Brentford WFC

Brentford WFC vs Northwood 27-09-15

Hello Everyone!   Lots to catch up on in this blog; three matches, training gossip and get girls into football week.   Let’s quickly recap over the last two weeks.   On the 27th of September we hosted Northwood at Lampton School. Line up: Becky Collins, Sophie Lee, Amanda Osborne, Priscilla Camuimba!  Amber Langston-Lloyd, Mollie Homles, Alia Haggag, Lisa Grant,  Hodo Mohammed, Aisha Lutumba, Naomi Totten Subs: Sophie Troth, Geraldine Burgess, Sasha Treadaway, Dana Johnson, Shayni Marriner. A great start

What a Mess

I felt I had to write something down after last nights performance but then have struggled with where to start. Social Media has gone into meltdown and there has been a shift amongst the fans. Before this week, in spite of a bad start I believe the majority of us were still firmly behind the new revolution as most of us could see that even though it hadn’t been plain sailing, whenever change is affected it will always take time.

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