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A thank you to Lee Carsley and Paul Williams

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As Brentford fans we should be used to a little turmoil. As a club we have gone through just about every battle it is possible to fight. From near extinction to key assets sold of at key times. Blimey, we’ve even had players pimping out their wives! We have literally seen it all, so when the announcement came last year that one of our most successful managers in our history and quite possibly the most well loved was leaving, it

A Vital Three Points

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So there’s absolutely no doubt that the three points gained today are vital ones. Even at this early stage of the season, a defeat to a team who in all likeliness will be in amongst the relegation shakeup at the end of the season, would have been unthinkable and in a roundabout kind of way, we avoided that morale crushing defeat and turned it into a confidence boosting victory. It will not be lost on any of us though that

What a Mess

I felt I had to write something down after last nights performance but then have struggled with where to start. Social Media has gone into meltdown and there has been a shift amongst the fans. Before this week, in spite of a bad start I believe the majority of us were still firmly behind the new revolution as most of us could see that even though it hadn’t been plain sailing, whenever change is affected it will always take time.

Bees 2 Preston 1

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As wins go, that one could be right up there with the most important of the season. We had to dig deep and turn around a pretty poor first half to gain a vital three points and it’s not even the fact that we were near the relation zone today, it was the need to win at home and show us, the fans, that they can compete in the division. I would have much preferred us to have dominated from

Those Dammed Injuries

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So last night Brentford could have conceivably lined up with a starting 11 of Button, Yennaris, Tarkowski, Bjelland as a back three, midfield five of McLeod, Machechran, Tebar, Jota and Gogia with two up front in Hogan and Hoffmann. That would leave Super Sammy Saunders to come off the bench. All of those players with the exception of the goalkeeper are out injured and almost all of them, perhaps with the exception of Tebar and Yennaris would demand a starting

Leeds 1 Brentford 1 – Positives at last

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Yesterday I made my first ever trip to Elland Road and was treated to a cracker of a match. If the result was slightly disappointing than the performance was at least encouraging. In truth when I set off I wasn’t expecting too much from the game. We have been in relatively poor form prior to the International break and after what was a bitterly poor result and overall display against Reading I feared that a trip to a very difficult

Now the Dust has Settled

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I purposely didn’t write anything after the Reading game for fear of overacting and ending up with a load of nonsense that was based on emotion rather than properly thought out analysis. Having had time to mull things over a bit and with the transfer window now closed, it is probably a good time to have a look at how things stand and what we can expect from the next few weeks and months. Firstly Reading was awful for the

Ten Traumatic Years

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Despite some of the incredible success of recent seasons, the changes at Griffin Park at the end of last season and the plethora of ins and out at this start of this campaign have led some to doubt the system being imposed and rather more incredulously, the owner himself.

Gray to Bristol City?

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So as I find myself writing another blog on Andre Gray and the long running transfer saga it would appear that the deal is all but done and he has signed for Bristol City. The numbers being touted around are astronomical and if we are to receive the 9 Million that is being quoted than I guess you could say that we have come out of this as the winners. However there is a few things to consider before passing

Turning Point – Bristol City 2 Brentford 4

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The whole of last week and let’s face it, the week or two before it have been hugely frustrating for all connected to our beloved Brentford FC. Not to labour the point but we had player injuries, player sales, players being linked to other clubs, pitch gate, poor performances and supporter unrest. So going into an away game against a newly promoted and dangerous Bristol City, you could have been forgiven for thinking that it all pointed to a disastrous