BIAS Manifesto

In creating the BIAS manifesto, the Association has made a series of commitments to Brentford fans

The manifesto not only includes the current and ongoing campaigns such as for the new Community stadium at Lionel Road and to improve the Matchday Experience, but it also includes group and individual pledges from BIAS members who have undertaken lead roles that are to the benefit of Brentford supporters

The Manifesto is not set in stone, it is a starting point which will be need to be ratified by each new BIAS committee and amended when the Association undertakes further campaigns or issues that need to addressed

The manifesto with its mixture of group and individual commitments provides the Association with a good sense of ownership and a sense of direction whilst explaining to Brentford Fc supporter’s what we as an Independent Association are about and what we want to achieve.

A PDF of the full BIAS manifesto is available here.